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About Us

With every visit, your fur baby will enjoy an old fashioned massage hand wash to help relax him/her with your choice of an all natural lemongrass or oatmeal chamomile shampoo(hypoallergenic/flea and other shampoos available upon request), a gentle ear cleaning with an all natural blend of oils to help relieve any odor, a nail clip or grind, a pad shave and a blow dry. If your pets fur or hair needs a little more attention a clip or hand scissor trim will be included with your stylist session. We NEVER crate dry your beloved pet! We take the health and safety of all pets very seriously. Your fur baby is never left alone and will stay with the same pet stylist thruout their entire visit. We also offer shed-less treatments. These treatments will eliminate 80-90% of your pets shedding hair in one treatment. While shaving may seem like a good fix for your pets shedding, it can change the texture of the coat, interrupt the natural shedding cycle, and impair your pet's ability to regulate body temperature as well as cause your pet to become sun burned. If your vacuum needs a break, try this service. You won't be disappointed! Call for pricing as all services are based on breed, size, coat condition and temperament of your pet.

If you are interested in scheduling a stylist session or have a price inquiry, please contact us by phone, email or stop by. 

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    ***NOW AVAILABLE****

    🐱🐈 CAT GROOMING 🐈🐱

    Do you have a super fuzzy kitty who may need some extra special attention? We can help! Give us a call for details, pricing and appointments. Ask for Jessica!



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    Our tables are equipped with a hydraulic lift, anti-fatigue mats and padded grooming helper bars for those pets that have been injured or senior dogs.

    We do our best to provide safe, secure and a comfortable grooming experience for all pets. 



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    If you are interested in scheduling a stylist session or have a price inquiry, please contact us by phone, email or stop by.


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Our girl has an eye issue which makes her very nervous about new people, new surroundings and being groomed in general. The Muddy Paws team, and Jess in particular, were wonderful with her! Not only does she look and smell great, but she was all full of setter smiles and super bouncy and happy all evening. So worth the trip and money! I can't wait to schedule our shepherd. :)
Amy Grimm
I LOVE Muddy Paws. We adopted our dog Bella from a rescue and she is very timid around people as well as noises. Muddy Paws takes the steps that are needed to help her feel safe while she is there. She comes out looking and smelling great and happy as ever! The staff is very easy to talk to and also very knowledgeable. I have never been disappointed and would recommend them to anyone.
Tammy Keislin
We had our 1st experience with Muddy Paws Salon today & we are very pleased with the service. Our Fur Baby, Diesel, was handled with great care & love. We could not ask for a better service. He looked WONDERFUL when I picked him up & he was happy! I highly recommend this business. Thank you Muddy Paws & Jessica for being so caring to our fur baby
Brenda Bower
I love Muddy Paws! My little Mya has been going there for over 3 years. Tracy is her groomer and she always takes her time and Mya always comes home smelling so sweet and looking adorable! Sometimes they will tie a lil scarf on her, or put bows in her ears! Everyone at muddy paws is committed to providing a safe, loving and calming experience for all the fur babies they groom. Their prices are extremely reasonable. I can't say enough about how pleased I am!!
Kelly Kendra